Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get into the adult industry but I’m concerned, is it safe?

Yes. The adult industry has its share of taboos and perhaps some negative reputation but the business is as legit as any mainstream business. AmateurWorx has built many successful adult websites and our foundations are solid. We constantly make sure to stay away from any obscenity issues, and any legal matters regarding child pornography by following strict guidelines and by following the law. If we aren’t sure about the legality of a certain content, we won’t use it. And since we own the name of the website and offer the hosting for you, you will be kept anonymous to the public. Your personal information will be kept private and be used only for our internal use and for sending you your money. You can read our Terms & Conditions here.


Do I need to have my own content?

No. We do not require that you have your own content. AmateurWorx enables you to have your own adult paysite by using our original and exclusive content. We will build you a paysite with our own content and your members will get access to tons of galleries and videos. For those with their own content, AmateurWorx can create a custom turnkey solution for you, or you can utilize our content as a bonus for your members and thus increase your retention. We currently boast of a 70% retention rate.


What if I have my own site design or already own my domain?

AmateurWorx can provide you with a free domain such as but it is not required. If you have your own domain name or if you have your own site design we can create a custom turnkey solution that meets your specific needs. We are very flexible and can accomodate any client, from the newcomers to those needing limited services and features. Contact us today to speak to a representative.


Do I need to have proof of age for my content and models?

Yes. With very tight laws in the US regarding age verification, we require every client who has their own content to have full 2257 compliant documents. These documents would be; a full model release with the model’s consent and signature, (You can use this sample model release here, ) photos of at least 2 valid government IDs, one with a photo of the model. AmateurWorx is fully compliant with the US 2257 record keeping requirements for all its content and thus you will not be responsible for or require any 2257 documents for our content.


How fast can I have my website ready?

After the initial setup and creation of your account you can have your website ready in less than two weeks. If you have your own content it can take a little longer, especially if there’s a lot of it.


How much money can I potentially make?

There are no real limits to how much money you can possibly make. It will really depend on your personal dedication and involvement. Check out our profit chart here, and don’t forget we also have a Traffic Package that can tremendously help in acquiring quick traffic and help you start making money faster.


Are there any hidden costs?

No. Our prices are clearly advertised so you will never be hit with surprising charges.


Will it be hard to market my site and start making money?

No. Choosing a turnkey solution with AmateurWorx means going with professional and extensive experience in the industry. We offer 24/7 customer service to help and guide you through your business. Money could literally start coming in during the first month of your launch.


Why should I choose AmateurWorx?

We hope you will choose AmateurWorx because we have been in the adult internet business since 1998, successfully creating and running adult websites for ourselves and for others. And with so many small website owners struggling to survive the regulatory and technological pressures it is now facing, we thought it was time to give out a helping hand to those who would need it. And not to mention for the financial savings people would get as opposed to launching and running their site on their own.


Is the adult industry saturated, is there still money to be made?

Even with the presence of many adult websites out there and the growing threat of internet piracy, there’s still 28, 258 internet users viewing pornography every second, and $5340 being spent on internet porn every minute! And these numbers just keep growing every year. Remember there is still approximately 80% of the world population still “unplugged”. That’s roughly 5.3 billion people in the world without internet. Imagine the number of possible new customers that just bought their brand new desktop or laptop computers and are browsing the internet for the very first time!


Are there any special requirements, do you refuse certain people?

You must be 18 years of age to use our services, which you will be required to prove during the initial setup of your account through a valid copy of passport or government issued ID such as a drivers license. We also reserve the right at any moment to suspend an account and cease any payments to clients who are either in violation of our Terms & Conditions or if suspected of illegal activity.


Will I have creative input in the creation of my website design and the images or videos used?

Yes. What makes AmateurWorx different is that we listen to our clients while making suggestions based on our experience. We will always listen to a customer’s ideas and direction and try to come up with a design that is both; what they envisioned and at the same time has selling value or can “convert” as we would say in the business. Obviously if you have your own content, you will have much more creative control over images to be used and the global theme.


What type of content will my members get and will it be updated?

We have extensive amount of content, split into various niches, categories, and most of it being 100% exclusive. Your members will get great content that is not your “run of the mill” saturated porn bought or licensed. They will also be treated to DAILY updates, which is rarely seen in most adult pay sites. With our solid members area features and quality content we were able to secure a 50% retention rate for repeat customers, as compared the industry standard of 20%. And at the end of the day, that means more recurring money for you!


No Content or Experience Needed