A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry And Growing

AVN reports that in 2006, Internet Sales became the second largest adult entertainment segment, with 22% of the market ($2.8 billion in sales). They also project that Adult Internet Sales will increase to $7 billion by 2010. Don’t waste anytime, get your share of this huge market with your own adult turnkey solution! But if you still need convincing here’s just a small list of statistics;

  • 12% of websites are pornographic
  • 25% of all search engine request are pornography related
  • 35% of all internet downloads are pornographic in nature
  • Every second 28, 258 internet user are viewing pornography
  • Every second $89.00 is spent on internet porn
  • 266 new porn sites appear on the internet daily
  • “Sex” is the most searched word on the internet
  • There are an estimated 372 million porn web pages

Adult industry revenue segments


Share Sales
Video Sales & Rentals 28.0% 3,622,000,000
Magazine 7.4% 950,000,000
Cable/PPV (TV) 13.5% 1,745,000,000
Internet 22.0% 2,841,000,000
Exotic Dance Clubs 15.5% 2,000,000,000
Mobile 0.3% 39,000,000
Novelties 13.3% 1,725,000,000
Total 100% 12,922,000,000
Source: AVN Media Network

Your Own Adult Website

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Adult In the news:

“It is no wonder that USA Today once reported that nearly one-third of all Internet users visit adult sites. Interestingly enough, they had underestimated that statistic. In the United States, 86 per cent of men are likely to click on sex sites, according to a recent survey in the Journal of the American Psychological Association. And in another recent report, CNN stated that adult Web sites are the most consistently profitable sector of the Internet industry year after year. The editorial pages of the Washington Post even went as far as to call the Internet “the largest pornography store in the history of mankind.”



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